CND Spa GARDENIA WOODS Lotion 8.4 oz

Brand: CND
Product Code: cndspagard
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Price: $18.00

SPA Gardenia Woods Lotion hydrates your skin for all day softness that you can feel!

Beautiful aromas of gardenia and jasmine are not your the only reason to love SPA Gardenia Woods Lotion.A botanical Blend of chamomile and sandalwood benefit the skin in more ways then one! Chamomile is a natural skin purifier. It brightens the skin for a glowing appearance and moisturizes all day for soft touchable skin. Sandalwood calms your skin and mind for a relaxing experience every time. It's also a natural anti-aging agent that will keep you skin youthfully supple. Enjoy all the benefits of CND's SPA for the perfect at home spa treatment.

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