Hair Treatments

The basics of good hair care are treat it gently, wash it regularly, and follow up with conditioner, if your hair needs one. Treating your hair gently will keep it healthy and looking great. Washing your hair regularly gets dirt, oils, and product gunk out of your hair. Conditioners smooth your hair and make it look shiny. Some conditioners add thickness to hair, but only until you wash it again. They also make your hair easier to comb and protect it a bit from hair dryers and curling irons.

Hair Treatments

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True Keratin Moroccan Miracle Leave-in Creme 8 Oz

Moroccan Miracle A lightweight blend of pure Argan Oil and Keratin protein that in...


True Keratin Moroccan Miracle Leave-in Mist 4 Oz

Moroccan Miracle An advanced leave in spray infused with pure Argan Oil and Kerati...


True Keratin Super Sleek+ Post Treatment Mask 8 Oz

SUPER SLEEK POST TREATMENT MASQUE 8 FL OZ/237 ML  A luxurious mini smoothing treat...