Types of Makeup Accessories

Essentially these products are for application and storage purposes. Many of your favorite manufactures carry accessories in their product line, or they can be purchased at a local drugstore. The basic makeup accessories are:

  • Mirrors - large, compact or even lighted versions. Seeing is believing.
  • Cases - organization is the key to efficiency. From travel to home, a quality makeup case can serve you well.
  • Brushes - for a simple swoop of the bristles. From the cheeks to the lips, makeup brushes provide a professional look that also protects your makeup from finger contamination.

Other Accessories

Don’t let your makeup brushes get lonely! There are a few other tools you might consider adding to your makeup arsenal.

Eyelash Curlers: Handheld crimpers used to curl the upper eyelashes. Always curl your lashes when they’re dry and clean. Curling lashes with mascara on them may leave you with broken lashes!

Round and Wedge Sponges: Round and wedge sponges are handy for blending and smoothing out makeup lines on the face and around the eyes.

Makeup accessories ensure that each application has the potential to be reasonably perfect with less additional effort.